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New Year’s Resolutions for the Environment

Posted by Sarah Parkinson, Published: January 2nd, 2013

The following piece was written by Donella Meadows and published December 29, 1988. Twenty-four years later, her simple, practical suggestions for what we as individuals can do to contribute to the health of our planet still ring true. The year 2012 was marked as a year of unprecedented environmental disasters, but we can all work to make 2013 the year [...]

Global Voices: Land, Loss, Limits, and a Love of Words

Posted by Sarah Parkinson, Published: July 12th, 2012

By Erik Esselstyn

The following essay on the powers that shaped a life–including Donella Meadows’s Limits to Growth–was written by Erik Esselstyn for his Yale 50th Reunion, October 2008. The Esselstyn family photographed in Blue Hill, Maine, 1978. A thousand guiding values thread through our lives. In searching for a theme, some linking thread, that flows through my entire life and ties together my many careers, [...]

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Since its founding in 1996 by environmental leader Donella Meadows, our Institute has been at the forefront of sustainability thinking and training. Our initiatives have addressed economic, environmental, and social challenges from a range of angles and at many levels. In everything we do, the disciplines of systems thinking and organizational learning inform and shape our work. It is this focus on whole-system analysis, combined with careful listening, truth telling, and visioning, that make the Donella Meadows Institute unique among sustainability organizations.  Read More

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