Academy for Systems Change, formerly Donella Meadows Institute


From Left: Marta Ceroni (Director of Programs)+ Frida, Jenna Musco (Treasurer), Sarah Buckmaster (Director of Operations), Ken Leinbach (Board Member), Ed Krishok (Board Member), Robert Hanig (Advisor), Darcy Winslow (President), Peter Senge (Board Member), Erik Esselstyn (Secretary), Hal Hamilton (Board Member), Anne Murray Allen (Advisor), Jay Bragdon (Assistant Treasurer), Wayne Barstad (Board Chair)

As of October 4, the Donella Meadows Institute has legally combined with the Academy for Systemic Change. We continue to be the Sustainability Institute that Dana incorporated in Vermont in 1996, but instead of doing business as Donella Meadows Institute, we will be doing business as the “Academy for Systems Change”. With the name change we acknowledge that the impact that Dana wanted in the world transcends her persona and demands that we work across domains and ecosystems. Our mission as a combined organization is to “advance awareness-based systemic change in order to accelerate social, ecological, and economic wellbeing”. By “awareness” we mean the compassion, understanding, and wisdom needed as leaders to transform systems, such as shifting mindsets, relationships, and taken-for-granted ways of operating.

In pursuing this mission we will continue to be the top resource for accessing and researching Dana’s work at, where we currently host more than 1,000 of her writings. And we will continue to actively embody her vision through our programs, now finally with more horsepower. As of October, our staff doubled in size, and our Board increased from 5 to 8, and we have increased our network of active partners, advisors and volunteers by a factor of 10. All of this is allowing us to: a) re-launch our beloved Fellows Program, b) offer the first in a series of online learning hives on systems thinking for social change, and c) build an online body of knowledge on tools and practices for shifting systems.

Please visit us at the Academy for Systems Change website for more information on the organization and our work.

About DMI

Since its founding in 1996 by environmental leader Donella Meadows, our Institute has been at the forefront of sustainability thinking and training. Our initiatives have addressed economic, environmental, and social challenges from a range of angles and at many levels. In everything we do, the disciplines of systems thinking and organizational learning inform and shape our work. It is this focus on whole-system analysis, combined with careful listening, truth telling, and visioning, that make the Donella Meadows Institute unique among sustainability organizations.  Read More

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