Volunteering Opportunities

The Donella Meadows Project (a project of the Academy for Systems Change) is looking for volunteers who can help make Donella Meadows’ work more known and more accessible on the web. The type of work we are seeking help with includes:

  • Digitizing a number of typewritten articles (in a jpg format) from the Donella Meadows Papers archive and making them available on the donellameadows.org website
  • Communicating Donella Meadows inspiring ideas and visions through social media in ways that engage a broad audience
  • Helping with website updates and design

You don’t have to have experience in all of these things at once to apply. These virtual volunteering opportunities might require a few hours per week and can begin immediately.  If you are passionate about Donella Meadows’ work, are highly organized, attentive to detail, and confident with social media and/or online tools such as Google Docs, Zoom, and Word Press we would love to hear from you.

To express your interest, please contact us through the contact form. 

Our guiding principles and values

Largely inspired by Donella Meadows, below are the values that guide our work and day-to day-life at the Academy for Systems Change:

  • Love and care: nurturing values that encompass self-respect, inclusiveness, tolerance, responsibility and equality;
  • Collaboration: acknowledging we can’t be transformative by acting alone, we must work across geographical and functional boundaries to create more just and sustainable communities and organizations across the world;
  • Community: reaching out to communities to develop the synergies created when individuals work together;
  • Thoughtfulness: being open to new ideas and sensing our impacts on the wider system as a means of bridging to a more sustainable future;
  • Whole System Vision: learning to see, and helping others to see, the continually emerging, inter-connected nature of living systems;
  • Leadership: developing a network of Systems Leaders who can balance the personal, intellectual, emotional and social aspects of leading;
  • Thriving: imagining systems – communities, nations and ecosystems – that can regenerate and prosper in spirit and physical wellbeing;
  • Transcendence/transformation: fostering hope, which is the doorway to new action;
  • Sufficiency: challenging the myth of material growth as the answer to all problems and demonstrating the benefits that accrue when we live and work in harmony with each other and Nature.
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About The Donella Meadows Project

The mission of the Donella Meadows Project is to preserve Donella (Dana) H. Meadows’s legacy as an inspiring leader, scholar, writer, and teacher; to manage the intellectual property rights related to Dana’s published work; to provide and maintain a comprehensive and easily accessible archive of her work online, including articles, columns, and letters; to develop new resources and programs that apply her ideas to current issues and make them available to an ever-larger network of students, practitioners, and leaders in social change.  Read More

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