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Last Call is a new documentary film that tells the story of the groundbreaking 1972 Limits to Growth study. With a wealth of high-quality historic footage and extensive interviews with the core Limits to Growth team, Last Call explores the thinking leading up to the study, the storm of controversy it sparked upon its publication, and the ways the sustainability narrative has changed over the past four decades. At its core, it is a revealing look at the complexities and roadblocks involved in creating a paradigm shift–even one grounded in good data.

We have been excited to work with the Last Call team both during the making of the film–some of which was shot here in the Upper Valley–and afterwards while it has been touring. Shortly after the film’s US premier at the 2014 Environmental Film Festival in Washington DC, we organized two very successful Last Call events that brought together students and community members for discussion and screenings of the film. Last Call Director Enrico Cerasuolo and Limits to Growth co-author Dennis Meadows both contributed valuable perspective to these events, as did Climate Interactive co-Director Elizabeth Sawin and our own Director Marta Ceroni. Read more about the film and the screenings in our post “Last Call: The complicated story of a study’s simple findings.


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More screenings are on the way! Check out our Community Events page for information about upcoming screenings in the New Hampshire/Vermont area.

If there are no screenings in your area yet, why not organize one at your local library or town hall? We are eager to work with community organizations to organize further screenings where there is interest. Please contact us for more information by emailing info [at] donellameadows [dot] org.

Students, sustainability leaders, and community members contributed to a lively discussion after watching Last Call.

Students, Upper Valley sustainability leaders, and community members contributed to a lively discussion about messaging, personal action, and more after watching Last Call.

Enrico Cerasuolo addresses the audience

Last Call Director Enrico Cerasuolo (left), Dartmouth Biology Professor David Peart (middle), and Limits to Growth co-author Dennis Meadows lead the discussion following the April 1 2014 screening of Last Call at Dartmouth College.


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