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Setting Down Roots: Dennis Meadows on the Founding and Mission of Balaton

Posted by Kindle Loomis, Published: September 24th, 2012

Working with their Hungarian colleagues, scientists Donella and Dennis Meadows organized the first meeting of the Balaton Group in Csopak, Hungary, in 1982. Donella died unexpectedly in 2001, and Dennis relinquished all his responsibilities for organizing and financing the group after its 25th annual meeting in 2006. But he remains a steadfast participant in its meetings and a keen observer [...]

Growing Cities: Filmmaker Dan Susman Discusses Urban Agriculture

Posted by Kindle Loomis, Published: August 31st, 2012

By Sarah Parkinson

Dan Susman’s first experience with farming was growing giant pumpkins in his backyard as a kid. Since those early days, the Omaha, NE native has always known that growing food was something essential. Now, after graduating from Dartmouth College with degrees in Ecology and Environmental Studies, Dan has dedicated himself to tackling the problems of our national food system. With [...]

Global Voices: Land, Loss, Limits, and a Love of Words

Posted by Kindle Loomis, Published: July 12th, 2012

By Erik Esselstyn

The following essay on the powers that shaped a life–including Donella Meadows’s Limits to Growth–was written by Erik Esselstyn for his Yale 50th Reunion, October 2008. The Esselstyn family photographed in Blue Hill, Maine, 1978. A thousand guiding values thread through our lives. In searching for a theme, some linking thread, that flows through my entire life and ties together my many careers, [...]

Global Voices: Luigi Piccioni and The Limits to Growth

Posted by Kindle Loomis, Published: July 3rd, 2012

By Sarah Parkinson

July 3, 2012 Dr. Luigi Piccioni describes The Limits to Growth as “a seminal lecture in [his] life.” Last year, he wrote the essay “Forty Years Later. The Reception of the Limits to Growth in Italy, 1971-1974“. In it, Dr. Piccioni, a research fellow in the Department of Economy and Statistics at the University of Calabria, Italy, describes the roots of The Limits study and [...]

About The Donella Meadows Project

The mission of the Donella Meadows Project is to preserve Donella (Dana) H. Meadows’s legacy as an inspiring leader, scholar, writer, and teacher; to manage the intellectual property rights related to Dana’s published work; to provide and maintain a comprehensive and easily accessible archive of her work online, including articles, columns, and letters; to develop new resources and programs that apply her ideas to current issues and make them available to an ever-larger network of students, practitioners, and leaders in social change.  Read More

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