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Posted by Kindle Loomis, Published: April 18th, 2013

By Pamela Paquin

Monday’s events in Boston have had our staff here at DMI hen-like in their soft “clucking” concerned for our friends and family in Boston and the region. Indeed, it has been hard to focus on what seem like trivial “to-dos” compared to what people were going through who were present and/or connected to individuals running and cheering around Copley this Monday. Two [...]

So You Want to Learn About the Economy…

Posted by Kindle Loomis, Published: January 22nd, 2013

By Sarah Parkinson

Resources for understanding our financial system and our economic alternatives I’ve learned a lot about the economy since the Donella Meadows Institute launched its Sustainable Economies program earlier this year. I’ve learned about problems with fractional reserve banking and our traditional economic model, and I’ve learned about alternatives like public banks, complementary currencies, and cooperative ownership models. But perhaps the piece [...]

What the Economic Crisis Really Means and What We Can Do About It

Posted by Kindle Loomis, Published: October 17th, 2012

By Theo Kitchener

We were told that the global financial crisis of 2008 happened because irresponsible borrowers couldn’t afford to pay back their loans. This is true, but it was also part of a much deeper problem. The issue is that our economic system is based on the need for continuous, perpetual growth. It’s highly likely that we’re already in the beginnings of [...]

Social Innovations for Economic Degrowth

Posted by Kindle Loomis, Published: September 28th, 2012

By Andreas Exner, Christian Lauk

Members of the Ein-Harod kibbutz work at a stone quarry in 1941. The kibbutz offers an early example of how cooperative enterprise can shift goals from profit to concrete human needs, which are satiable and do not compel constant growth. (Image credit: Government Press Office of Israel) At the beginning of the twenty-first century, we find ourselves in a peculiar situation: [...]

Can We Avoid the Perfect Storm?

Posted by Kindle Loomis, Published: September 10th, 2012

By David Orr

It is quite possible that by the year 2100 human life will have become extinct or will be confined to a few residential areas that have escaped the devastating effects of nuclear holocaust or global warming. —Brian Barry1 Evolution equipped us to deal with threats from dependably loathsome enemies and fearsome creatures, but not with the opaque and cumulative long-term consequences of [...]

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The mission of the Donella Meadows Project is to preserve Donella (Dana) H. Meadows’s legacy as an inspiring leader, scholar, writer, and teacher; to manage the intellectual property rights related to Dana’s published work; to provide and maintain a comprehensive and easily accessible archive of her work online, including articles, columns, and letters; to develop new resources and programs that apply her ideas to current issues and make them available to an ever-larger network of students, practitioners, and leaders in social change.  Read More

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